Bamboo cane hand made fly rods by Bob Hosack

Bamboo fly rod maker Bob Hosack has designed his own custom split cane fly rods creating superior casting control for light trout fly rods.

Bob Hosack making Cane Rods

One of the things I think is very important concerning cane rods, is not only that they cast well, but also the weight in the hand of the rod. Many rods are built with impeccable craftsmanship along with a pleasing action, but they are very heavy in the hand. There's nothing that deflates the fun of fishing more than a sore wrist and forearm. In constructing our rods, weight has been given major consideration. We have been very careful to keep the “Light in the Hand” feel. - More on Bob's Philosophy of Design for the Split Cane Fly Rod

Fly rods, whatever the material, should cast well and be “light” in the hand. This is one of the reasons we build basically light, split cane trout rods in bamboo. The “sweet feel” of a well designed bamboo fly rod has never been duplicated. - Why A Custom BambooFly Rod Taper

Bob Hosack making Cane Rods

When I started to fly fish in my early twenties, I used an 8' fiberglass rod. That 8' fiberglass rod evolved into 8' Bamboo rod, which then evolved into a 7' faster action bamboo rod. The faster action bamboo rod fit my style of fishing and the Freestone and Limestone streams in Pa that I frequented. At that time graphite hadn't come on the market and fiberglass and bamboo were the primary materials for fly rods. While there were, and are, really great fiberglass and graphite rods being made, bamboo rods became an integral part of the whole experience of fly fishing for trout to me. Then and now trout fishing and cane rods are for me inseparable.
More About Bob's Fly Rod Building Experience

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